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IS becoming VIRTUAL.

is your business secure?


Knowing your security posture is crucial to the longevity of your business.  This assessment will not only establish your cybersecurity baseline but will also provide actionable recommendations to fortify your defenses.


From healthcare to finance, there are certain regulations that your organization is required to adhere to.  Failure to do so can be costly and damaging.  DigiForce Security auditors can not only confirm your standing but can help get your organization back on track.

Typing on a Computer

It's not a question of "if" but "when" your business will fall victim to a breach.  Acting quickly is crucial during these cyber incidents.  Find out more about the DigiForce Emergency Incident Response Team and how we can be deployed when you need us most.

why digiforce?

DigiForce Security is a minority-owned small business, providing IT cybersecurity services to the public and private sector.  We strive to address the ever-evolving challenges associated with operating in an increasingly digital world. Our services range from evaluating an organization's security posture to providing emergency incident response when organizations have been breached. As a company, we not only endeavor to instill a culture of cybersecurity within organizations, we are also proactive in developing talent for the threats of tomorrow.  Our mission is to help organizations realize the promise of an interconnected world with minimal risk to our clients or the integrity of their organization.

Some of our clients

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