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real-time monitoring

Cyber Threat Management (CTM) is an advanced management program enabling early identification of threats, data driven situational awareness, accurate decision-making, and timely threat mitigating actions.


CTM includes:

  • Manual and automated intelligence gathering and threat analytics

  • A comprehensive methodology for real-time monitoring including advanced techniques such as behavioral modeling

  • Use of advanced analytics to optimize intelligence, generate security intelligence, and provide Situational Awareness

  • Technology and skilled people leveraging situational awareness to enable rapid decisions and automated or manual actions


Cyber threats actors could be financially or socially motivated hackers, disgruntled employees, organized criminal gangs, competitors or state actors. Some of these actors are well trained and will persist a campaign to achieve their goal of data theft or damage over weeks to months. A well organized CTM program is needed to detect and stop these threats. 

DigiForce Security can design and deploy enterprise-specific programs to address the unique challenges of your organization.

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