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Technology moves at the speed of light. make sure your security can keep up.  

Knowing your degree of exposure and vulnerability is a vital part of a strong cybersecurity posture. At DigiForce, a thorough cybersecurity risk assessment is where we like to start.

Business Consultant
Assessments and Authorization /  Ongoing Authorization

DigiForce offers Assessment & Authorization methodologies to strengthen your security posture while ensuring you’re compliant. DigiForce has the expertise to support your organization, department, or agency in gaining formal system approval/authority to operate at the appropriate security level. We can help create and maintain:

  • System Security Plans (SSP) and/or System Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA) for a given application or system

  • Define system boundaries; draft Interconnection Agreements; establish security categorizations (FIPS 199)

  • Work with 3rd Party assessors to assess the effectiveness of in-place security controls with a thorough Security Assessment and produce a respective Security Assessment Report (SAR) to make certain the necessary controls are implemented and fully operational

  • Manage and remediate uncovered vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring and a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M)

  • Interface and produce documentation for the Certification Agent (CA) and Designated Approval Authority (DAA)

Business Continuity Requirements / Continuity of Operations Planning

DigiForce can help your business comply with IT Business Continuity Requirements and IT Continuity of Operations planning by providing:

  • Assessment and gap analysis. We'll examine your most critical IT business processes and functions, determine what resources are needed–including premises, people, suppliers and technology. We take a risk-based approach by identifying where your organization is particularly vulnerable and work to develop functional mitigations.

  • Strategy and planning. We'll help you go beyond simply addressing compliance requirements when offering IT business continuity as a service: We'll develop a disciplined, documented approach to provide infrastructure and processes to allow your business real world Continuity of Operations for your systems and applications

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